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It seems the government is making it harder, not easier for full-time teachers to access the coveted Z VISA, which allows you to work legally in China.

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In what is now the most populated country in the world (almost 1.4 billion), it’s easy to see why there are so many positions available in locations across China.

Schools are constantly seeking good teachers and offer competitive salaries, but it isn’t always easy to find work legally.

We hear more and more stories of routine “round-ups” of illegal workers, especially at small kindergartens and private schools where the correct license to employ foreigners hasn’t been obtained. It’s difficult to provide a definitive guide on the qualifications needed to teach English in China.

This is because every province has its own regulations, and the requirements stipulated by SAFEA (the main Chinese administration that issues work visas for teachers), are ambiguous.

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If there are any students that have successfully applied, we’d love to hear feedback from you.

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