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Lauren Faust stated that the premise of Boast Busters called for a boastful unicorn character, who was originally envisioned as male.

Writer Chris Savino came up with the current character of Trixie and her habit of speaking in the third person.

After the explanation, however, Trixie resumes her arrogance, saying that Twilight will never have the same power as her, and once again proclaims herself "Great and Powerful." Trixie then uses a smokescreen to poorly conceal her exit from town. Rainbow Dash starts after Trixie, but Twilight stops her, certain that Trixie will someday learn her lesson about bragging on her own.

Multiple Trixies can be seen in the background shot of Ponyville's town square in Bridle Gossip, along with two ponies with the same design but different color schemes.

”), but that was rejected by Hasbro, on the grounds that Trixie never went to the School for Gifted Unicorns", In Boast Busters, Trixie arrives in Ponyville, having been rumored to be "the most magical unicorn in all of Equestria." At her show, Trixie boasts constantly about her great magical abilities.

She claims to have vanquished an ursa major, an enormous celestial bear-like creature that normally could never be defeated by just one pony.

A cutie mark with the same design as Trixie's but with a different color scheme (a yellow-starred purple wand with a purple moon, the same as one of those of "Lavenderhoof" and one of those of the Earth pony version of Orange Swirl and mostly the same as one of those of "Flounder" and one of those of Amethyst Star) is one of the available cutie marks in the online games Adventures in Ponyville and Pony Maker.

She also makes major appearances from season six onward, and various comics.

She makes minor appearances in Bridle Gossip, The Return of Harmony Part 1, The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2, other IDW comics, and other chapter books.

After the show, Snips and Snails follow Trixie, fawning over her and asking to hear more of her stories until Trixie herself tires of it, and sends them away.

Snips refers to her as "The G an' P T," shortening her title.

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The Great and Powerful Trixie, G an' PT, The Great and Apologetic Trixie, The Humble and Penitent Trixie, The Pathetic and Friendless Trixie, The Peat and Growerful Triskie, Trix, The Unscareable Trixie, Queen Trixianna the First, Tx (The Periodic Table of My Little Pony) Kathleen Barr (English)Orjela Sulejmani (Albanian)Yasmine Yamajako (Finnish)Audrey D'Hulstere (European French)Kaya Marie Möller (German)Ilona Molnar (Hungarian)Marisa Della Pasqua (Italian)Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese)Lee Mi-hyang (Korean)Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Polish)Lene Bastos (Brazilian Portuguese, season 1)Michelle Giudice (Brazilian Portuguese, season 3)Ana Vieira (European Portuguese)Mihaela Gherdan (Romanian, season 1)Anda Tamasanu (Romanian, seasons 3 and 6)Olga Zvereva (Russian, season 1)Olga Shorokhova (Russian, seasons 3 and 6)Christine Byrd (Latin American Spanish)Carmen Calvell (European Spanish)Daryna Murashchenko (Ukrainian, season 6) is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician.

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