Valerie poxleitner dating

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Valerie poxleitner dating

“The culture was horrifying because of Jian,” says a former female producer.

“He was a master of mind games,” says another former staffer.

We had no inkling that Jian engaged in this type of behaviour.” As those linked to Ghomeshi run for cover, the allegations provide a case study of systemic failure to address sexual assault and abuse, and they launched a full-on movement on social media.

But the soul-searching within the insular Canadian arts and cultural establishment had another component.

Within a week, nine women had come forward to accuse Ghomeshi of violence and sexual assault, two willing to be named.No one saw that disconnect more clearly than the dozen or so people who worked on .Although Ghomeshi was not the boss at the show, he was the “talent”—and the place operated as his fiefdom of sorts, a workplace with exacting standards and often cruel punishment for those who didn’t live up to them.23 was more sombre, spoken against the elegiac strains of Moby.Passionately and reassuringly, Ghomeshi addressed a country in shock from shootings on Parliament Hill the day before: “This is not what we do, who we are,” he said. This is ” Just five days later, his status as a man who could speak for Canada was shattered.

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As the allegations unfurled with grisly details, a new chorus emerged, with those close to Ghomeshi coming forth to say, “We knew something was off,” or, at least, “We should have known.” Articles appeared in cartoonist Steve Murray: “Every time a Jian profile is about to come out, I’m like ‘FINALLY,’ and then it’s a puff piece and I get so goddamned angry.” The behaviour they referenced was Ghomeshi’s reputation as a cringe-inducing pick-up artist with a fondness for much younger women.

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