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Using this type of navigation is much different if you’ve ever something like a Tom Tom or Garmin that get affixed to your dashboard or window.You can configure the GPS window in several ways by adding or removing panes.

More Ways to Customize Your Travel Streets & Trips can calculate your mileage, time, and fuel expenses in advance so you know when you will arrive and how much it will cost you to get there.

Set your driving preferences— such as how frequently you want to make a rest stop, what hours you want to drive, or even if you want to avoid driving on busy interstates—to create your ultimate trip.

Make Your Trip Your Own Plan your perfect trip including multiple destinations, rest stops, scenic detours, fuel stops, and more.

Since my netbook sits on the passenger seat it’s rather difficult to see the screen while driving, you’ll have to take our eyes off of the road to check the make or to look for your next turn.

Taking your eyes off of the road is not recommended.

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Please email that person with any changes or new information. Many files have a README file that you should review as it contains information pertinent to the map file.

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