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Tips on dating jewish men

So my preference to date Jewish guys has nothing to do with their belief, that’s for sure.I feel however that most of the guys I go for are Jewish (or, if they’re not, they probably look Jewish). I would also like to point out that this article is purely written for entertainment, I am not out to hurt anybody and surely not to make fun of someones religion. There’s always this moment in time that you think “where have all the heroes gone? At that point I mostly meet a handsome dark curly-haired Mediterranean guy and I’m like “There he is! We talk a while, we go out together, watch a movie, have dinner, etc.Only once did I make the mistake of going on a date with a Chattanooga Jewish girl.A Jewish friend of mine needed a guy to go with his girlfriend’s best friend on a double date.After dinner at Shakey’s Pizza, we drove up to Missionary Ridge to a small park that overlooked downtown.In the center of the park was a Civil War monument flanked by old cannons.The Jewish girls weren’t interested in talking to me at all, because they also viewed me as immediate family.Having someone to talk to you was great, except that Claudia had a tendency to try and sound more knowledgeable than she actually was.

Were my parents worried that if I went sniffing around the shiksas, I might end up fathering a litter of interdenominational mutt kids?She had sleepy eyes that never seemed to open completely and her thin nose stuck out from between her sheets of hair.I felt like I could talk about anything with Claudia.My date and I were left alone, sitting on a stone bench, counting the city lights. She once confessed to the other girls in our Sunday school class that she shaved her pubic hair.She was curious what it would feel like, so she just did it.

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