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Share dating

With that being said, I do use Tinder and appreciate it for the opportunities Bumble does not provide; I can message first, but I don’t have to (and normally don’t).

I have remained hopeful that Tinder has moved away from it’s notorious meaningless hookup reputation, but sadly I have yet to see that happen.

Leah, 25, Washington Square West: I’d like to meet more people in person, but for now, I am mostly meeting people through apps. From my experience, I’ve had better quality matches, conversations, and dates on Bumble.

I have had some fun dates from Tinder, but that is really all it is: someone interested in one date (and usually more, at least for that one night) and then never hearing from them again.

Melissa: The guy usually suggests going out, I usually vote for drinks for the first date. You can never go wrong with their spicy margaritas. Sometimes I do if I’m excited and sense shyness on the other side (or if I get impatient lol), but generally the guy does.

I prefer drinks and apps if I’m just meeting someone for the first time. He learns you know how to have fun and that way you don’t have to worry about any awkward silence, you’re being kept busy!

Places like Tria Taproom, City Tap, or good happy hour spots like Mission Taqueria, Opa, Uptown, Assembly, Misconduct, just to name a few. I love Buffalo Billards, Independence Beer Garden, Frankford, and Opa’s Drury Beer Garden.

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