Sex in second life free 3d online virtual world unique dating idea

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Sex in second life free 3d online virtual world

Predators prey on noobs that do not know better, trying to get real life information to stalk them more.

There are good people and creativity in second life but it is run very poorly in terms of safety.

You can actually survive in real life off of your earnings in it if you're any good. -LEARN TO DODGE THIGNS YOU DON' T LIKE, IT' S STILL THE INTERNET. Please please do not let kids or even adults who are vulnerable use this game it is full of evil long term gamers who enjoy to manipulate and cause awful mind games with people.

And yes, you spend money on it, it's a fully functioning economy parallel to earth's. -IT GIVES FULLS CREATIVE TOOLS INCLUDING A LIGHTWEIGHT SCRIPTING LANGUAGE ANYONE CAN LEARN, EXPECT DISTURBING CREATIONS.

I immediately had my daughter close the program while I tried to figure out if there was a mechanism to contact a moderator, file a complaint, something.

You cannot file a complaint without a user name - I have no idea who caused that to happen.

Please please be very careful in this game if you wish to venture into it.

It is and it can emotionally be a rollercoaster for people.Summary: This company is unable (or unwilling) to enforce their own rules allowing inappropriate adult material into ALL areas with no recourse, no means of reporting, no moderators to contact for assistance - nothing. Noobs, as new members are called are preyed on by old time users. There is no way to contact Linden Labs about abuse.This is absolutely in no way family friendly for any age. The only option when one is stalked and harassed is to file a report. There no person to person contact dealing with abuse in Second Life.There is no possible way I can ever consider doing such a thing after this experience - what if that had occurred to a student shortly after setting up their online presence and before they managed to go to the designated class area?We were literally just outside the "you've finished your orientation" area, so an area where all persons new to Second Life initially go.

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