Sedating cats for airplane travel belarus singles dating

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Sedating cats for airplane travel

Due to health risks, including extreme temperatures, variations in pressure at cruising altitudes, and the knowledge that, even in the secured overhead compartments, items tend to shift during flight, many U.

S.-based airlines no longer allow pets to be transported as cargo.

Taking a cat on a plane means investing in a cat carrier.

Whether it’s hard- or soft-sided, it will need to fit snugly under the seat in front of you.

Traveling as part of a plane’s cargo is not recommended under any circumstances. Department of Transportation publishes monthly and yearly summaries of consumer complaints to airlines, which are revealing.

If you're moving, going on an extended vacation or leaving town to care for a sick family member, you may want to bring Pringles with you.These numbers are incomplete, of course, since no one keeps detailed information on the total number of cats — or other animals — who travel by plane.Funny Ragdoll kitten wearing pilot outfit with miniature wooden biplane by Shutterstock." / Two further considerations: 1) Even if your cat will be under your control from gate to gate, it is well worth making sure your cat is microchipped before taking her on a trip of any length, and 2) It is courteous to ask the person seated next to you whether they have a potentially debilitating cat allergy prior to takeoff, so that seats can be switched if necessary. Share your tips and experiences with cats and air travel in the comments!The dimensions of that space vary by plane, so if you cannot gather the relevant information, a soft case might be your best bet for a smooth trip. Practice placing your cat inside the case for short periods each day so that the ride to the airport isn’t the cat’s first experience of her in pet carrier on a park bench by Shutterstock." / The stress of travel frequently causes digestive upset in cats, including vomiting and diarrhea.

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