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Over 60 sex dating

Yeah, it may be "only a date", but if she just has no sense of being interested in a particular guy,why would she go on a date with him?

Going by some threads here, there ARE women who will use "only a date" philosophy to "get out of the house", "get a free meal"-with little intention of continuing to date a specific guy to develop a relationship.

Op,i just typed in the words,'Over 60' into the Thread Search box and a LOT of Threads popped up..... I sent a message to a woman, she's 63, from "meet me", that I was interested in meeting her, she replied that she would like to meet me too. I have sent about 30 e mails in an attempt to "meet" and most do not even reply.

It just means they don’t intend to meet you because you aren’t compatible and don’t respect their preferences."The fact that some women prefer some on-line correspondence with someone compatible before meeting and phoning doesn’t mean they don’t ever intend to meet anyone. I see post after post from both men and women saying they want to met asap.

You utilize your time much better In Person over a drink (or coffee or whatever).

It's more effective to aim to meet in person after exchanging a little chat online.

Maybe, it's an omen, that were not suppose to meet? But if you want to find the right partner...challenges must be faced. A good tip for the Ladies would be "Its only a DATE...

No horror stories, but no Cinderella ones either...the "thing" about OLD threads and doing a search and posting to the OLD thread is ... Don't over think it, plan too far ahead and keep it light"!

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Little wonder they are in no particular hurry to meet.

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