Lugworm online dating

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Lugworm online dating

(3) The resistance to pore water flow is governed by the friction between solid and fluid, i.e. This analysis allows the determination of the operation point of an ‘organism pump’ under in situ conditions, and we applied it in a detailed modelling study of the lugworm Arenicola marina.

A 3-dimensional finite element model encompasses the lugworm’s J-shaped burrow and represents a typical lugworm territory at in situ density.

The problem was that animal haemoglobins, as a substitute for the human equivalent, can cause allergic reaction, potentially damaging the kidneys.

In lugworms, though, haemoglobin dissolves in the blood and is not contained within red blood cells as in humans -- in other words, blood type is not an issue -- and its structure is almost the same as human haemoglobin.

In 2006, the worm's potential was validated in a major study.

Since the lugworm’s oxygen supply critically depends on the burrow ventilation rate, we advance the following 2 ecological hypotheses: (1) decreasing the permeability of the burrow lining greatly increases the efficiency of oxygen supply, as it prevents the re-entry of anoxic pore water; and (2) the permeability of the bulk sediment constrains the lugworm’s habitat."The main difficulty is working with a small animal that lives its life hidden," explained Raymond.Aquastream struggled at first with basic rearing problems -- including how to tell a male lugworm from a female.Their blood, say French researchers, has an extraordinary ability to load up with life-giving oxygen.Harnessing it for human needs could transform medicine, providing a blood substitute that could save lives, speed recovery after surgery and help transplant patients, they say.

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ABSTRACT: In sandy sediments, a strong connection exists between the physics of flow and the ecology of burrow-ventilating macrofauna.