Legal dating age in wyoming

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Legal dating age in wyoming

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The rationale behind these basic principles is clear: once your faith in the vehicle is shaken, the vehicle loses its real value to you and becomes an instrument whose integrity is impaired and whose operation is fraught with apprehension. As you know, enough is never enough from your warrantor’s point of view and you should simply continue to have your defective vehicle repaired – time and time again.

The Magnuson-Moss Act applies to vehicles under their original or extended manufacturers warranty, and the car must be in the shop for 3 or more times for the same problem.

Kimmel says, “We’re talking brakes, transmission, suspension, head lights, water leak, paint defect, any of these problems and more, those issues the consumer should step up and force the manufacturer to comply with the warranty and if they can’t, call a lawyer.” That’s what Jan Jeffries did.

While Jan’s mechanical problems weren’t covered by state lemon law, he was entitled to compensation under the Federal Magnuson-Moss act.

“If the vehicle is under warranty and you’ve had problems with it, subject to repair, and it has not been resolved, you have federal, Manguson-Moss warranty rights.” says attorney Craig Kimmel.

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